What Are Business Landline Benefits?

12 April 2017

As a business, the means and methods of communicating with your customers – and them with you – have expanded enormously.

They can post comments and you can respond on social media, you can email each other, or there is also Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) channels too.

They can text you, as well as call a mobile number or they can also write to you. It is also possible that they will phone you, and you can return their calls.

With so many of us preferring to use email or other digital means, you can be forgiven for thinking that business landline benefits for your business are long gone.

But, don’t be too hasty…

·        Costs

You may assume that the costs of installing and running a phone line and system will be high but the digital revolution has reached the landline too.

Once the main landline is installed, you can use a virtual ‘switchboard’ to allow multiple uses of the phoneline.

Costs are affordable, especially if you get the right package with the right provider – our team will have the latest prices and packages ideal for your business.

·        The right impression

You need to create the right impression on your customers and for many people, knowing there is a landline number to call is important. Although many of us do own and use mobiles, there are times when a landline call can be expensive from a mobile, especially if you use 0845 or other high-cost numbers.

For some customers, the right impression is conveyed with a landline number, complete with local area dialling code. Does a mobile number have the same effect?

·        Easy expansion

As your business grows, you need your telecommunications system to grow with you. Many people assume that a landline is ‘static’ and to expand it would cost money that they don’t have.

But with the right package and support, your landline is more versatile and flexible than you think. It is also more than capable of scaling up as the pressure on your telecommunications increases with business expansion.

·        Advanced features at little or no cost

Once you have invested in a business landline, you will notice there are many benefits. You can opt for caller display, as well as number withheld. Likewise, you can also have a call waiting system that allows you to have more than one active call at a time.

The business landline benefits for your company are several fold but you need the right package for your business – and that’s why you need to call us now!

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