Apple iPhone Benefits – What are They?

06 April 2017

The iPhone has been the go-to phone for not only personal customers, but business customers too, for some time now.

It can be a difficult choice between iPhone and Android, especially for businesses. People will often stick with what they are familiar with and adept at using.

And people fall in to two camps – they are either an Android user or favour the iPhone. Getting the right phone for your business can, therefore, be a difficult choice.

However, choosing the Apple iPhone has many benefits. Here are just a few that our business customers tell us make iPhones their firm favourite;

#1 Face Time

From the iPhone 5 onwards, users have been able to make Face Time calls using data, whereas previously they had to be made using a Wi-Fi connection.

For those unfamiliar with Face Time, it is the ability to make video calls from one iPhone user to another. This is a personal means of staying in touch, and widely used between family and friends.

But it also makes perfect sense for business customers too, especially if you have staff who work remotely or in the field. Providing you remain within your data package, Face Time is ‘free’, as it is over a Wi-Fi connection.

#2 In-Phone camera

If there is one aspect of the iPhone that beats all other mobile handsets hands down is the quality of the in-phone camera.

In fact, it is often the most common Apple iPhone benefit that many people highlight. As well as cameras that are, on average, 40% faster at taking photos, there is also a panorama features as well as 28 million+ pixel quality to enjoy.

For your business, snapping on the job is all well and good but if the pictures are of inferior quality they cannot be used on your website or social media pages. That said, Apple iPhone benefits your business in that photos are of the best quality, perfect for reproducing across your digital platforms.

#3 iCloud

If you use other Apple products across your business, then it makes sense to use iPhones too. Connectivity between devices is now paramount to running a streamlined business thus, it makes sense for employees to have access to iPhones.

Essentially, they can access work on the iCloud that they and their colleagues wish to share. It is also a great place to keep and share photos, perfect for when you need to office to access information or data and use in your absence.

And there’s more…

  • There are over 800,000 apps to enjoy, some of which may be of use to you and your employees
  • Siri, the voice activated personal assistant can also prove useful in various situations from finding a number to composing and sending a text
  • Improved retina display screen also makes the images sharper and crisper, far easier to use and enjoy

There are many ways in which Apple iPhone benefits a business – call us to find out more.

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