5 Good Reasons to Back-Up Your Data

20 April 2017

It is a staggeringly high figure but according to a survey in June 2016, 48% of British businesses fail to back-up their data on a daily basis.

Data is valuable and with the increase in ransomware and attacks, companies could have their commercial sensitive information stolen. Presented with a large ransom demand to ‘unlock’ it or get it back, it is essential that companies have in place a plan to deter hacks and online threats.

And part of that plan should be backing-up data on a daily basis. Disaster can strike anyone at any time so here are five good reasons to back-up your data:

#1 Increased reliability

At one time, the only reliable tool for backing up was tape and that meant spending time swapping tapes over. As your back-up needs grow, it means more tapes.

But now, there is no excuse as back-up can be done daily via the cloud. Simply choose a back-up service and set everything to back-up automatically. Our team can help you with this endeavour.

#2 Easy, simple and safe

Using a remote or cloud back-up system is easy, simple and safe. And ensure that you have the latest copy of everything should the worst happen.

Granted, it can take some time to set things up but once you have a routine established, it takes only a few clicks and taps to have the whole system swing into action.

#3 Reduced time and workload

With a cloud-based back-up solution, there is no need to swap tapes, plug in hard drives or locate USB sticks. There is no swapping CDs, no labelling, no stress and no fuss.

#4 Improved security

With a cloud-based solution, there are several layers of security which means that for hackers, attempting to access encrypted data and information is far more time consuming and difficult. Cloud-based providers have a range of security features but if you unsure what they are, just give our team a call.

#5 Saves money, stress – and your business!

When disaster strikes – from flooding to fire, computer hacks to some other technical mishap – continuing to run your business with no data or information that you have amassed over years of trading will be virtually impossible.

By backing up information, you can access the latest copy of everything… and if you back-up daily, that means your business will hardly miss a beat. Can you say that today about your business?

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