Why Location Based Phone Numbers Speak Volumes

26 September 2016

Using local telephone numbers for your business can bring many benefits but for some companies, letting go of the 08 numbers they have invested a lot of time and money can be difficult.

But why has opinion changed about location-based telephone numbers for business in recent years?

Buy local, buy best

At one time, having an 08 number spoke volumes about your business. They were phone numbers that customers associated with large companies; they signalled that a company was worth dealing with.

08 numbers were also a way of not showing where a company was based, important in some instances and they were also good for levelling the playing field in terms of how much it cost for customers to phone the company.

Consumer attitudes have changed in recent years. They no longer want to buy from anonymous companies or businesses, they want to know who they are dealing with. They also want to know more about a company and a location-based phone is just one way of doing this.

#1 Trust

Consumers want to know they can trust a company and one way they do this is by the business being transparent about where they are located and, more importantly, how the customer can contact them in the event that they need to.

Offering an 08 number, even if it is free, seems a little too detached for the consumer in the 21st Century.

#2 People feel better ringing local numbers

For many local customers, calling a Glasgow-based telephone numbers means they can find you better and, they also feel better about buying from a local business.

Many companies opted for one 08 number and then a switchboard system through which consumers pressed digits in their keypad to access the department or service that they wanted. There was an assumption that having more than one phone number would confuse consumers. However, this is not the case and the provision of different numbers for different departments, if needed, seems to be the favoured option for many customers.

#3 Some 08 numbers expensive to dial

Although the domestic property needs a phone line for broadband, there are instances where people do not use the landline. Instead, they use ‘free minutes’ as part of their mobile phone package

Unfortunately, not all 08 numbers are free via mobile phones, a fact that has caught some people out, ending up with an unexpected mobile phone bill. Calling Glasgow telephone numbers can mean these phone calls are once again free to the customer.

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