Why Choose Business Telephone Lines for your Glasgow Company?

26 September 2016

The landline is something that many businesses, no matter what their size, rely on. It usually comes as part of a package with broadband and other services. But, for many businesses understanding why they need a business landline package and not a domestic one can seem perplexing.

Surely, a domestic and business landline do the same thing?

The landline may be technically the same but the features that they come with can be very different. In fact, a domestic landline package can leave a business wanting…

If you are looking for business telephone landlines in Glasgow, you need to be confident you are getting better value for money. In almost all cases, domestic landlines do not bring the best value for money and so it pays to shop around.

There are many additional features to a business phone line that you can benefit from, such as;

  • With some business packages, it may be possible to cap call charges. This is particularly useful for start-ups, micro businesses and other businesses that want to keep tight control on how much is spent via the phone bill. When budgets are tight, it makes sense to cap the phone or to monitor for unauthorised spending of large amounts.
  • Some businesses, like domestic customers, are plagued on a regular basis by withheld numbers, sometimes from sales companies. With a business landline package, it is also possible to reject anonymous callers.
  • Telephone conference calls can be done in many ways, usually through another provider. However, with some business telephone lines in Glasgow, it may be possible to how a three-way call. This can be useful if you have employees working from different locations.
  • There are many other features that can be useful such as call diversion when you are out of the office, call waiting for when the phone line is busy and for when you need to take down phone numbers of calls for ordering purposes, caller display can be a worthwhile addition too.
  • The phone line for many businesses is very important and so having call management systems can be a worthwhile addition too.

There are many other benefits to business telephone lines for your Glasgow business including;

  • Tax deductible – for many small businesses, a business phone line package costs can be tax deductible. Tax rulings change all the time, so make sure you check this out with your account. It is harder to separate domestic and business use on a domestic business package.
  • A professional edge – sharing a domestic phone line with your business may not be such a bad thing IF you are the only person who answers the phone. However, a business call coming in at 5.15pm with kid’s TV blaring in background and a tantruming child may not be the impression you want to give.

You may think that buying into a package of this kind would be expensive but, actually it can bring many savings and benefits to your business.

Interested? Find out more with Clyde Solutions.

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