The Benefits of a Business Landline for Small Companies

26 September 2016

If you are a small business, there will be many calls on your finances. Marketing, promotional work, salaries, overheads, they all combine to give you a sizeable figure.

These running costs need to be kept to a minimum which is why small companies such as yours will prioritise spend on their overheads. However, what this can mean is that you assume that settling for domestic packages such as phone lines is more cost-effective.

And it is not just the money, but the features of business landlines that you are also missing out. Understanding what these benefits are will help you make the right choice for your small business…

#1 Great features

Just like your home phone, you need features with your business landline that makes it worth having. Most packages come with certain features as standard, whilst you can add other features on as and when you need them, as well as when you can financially afford it.

For example;

  • Anonymous caller reject is useful when you are plagued with sales calls that are effectively stopping your customers from getting through
  • Three-way or conference calls are a great way of connecting employees who work remotely or away from the office on a regular basis
  • Call management systems such as call diversion for when you are out of the office, call waiting and caller display can all be very useful for a small business
  • Capped call charges may also be possible with a business landline for small companies who want to keep tight control of their spending

#2 The right impression

For some small companies, they may not work out of an office as such but work from home. This is certainly true for sole traders.

Using their home number might be worthwhile initially, simply because they cannot afford or don’t want the hassle of having a second phone line installed. Working from home is great, providing that you are the one that answers the phone all the time.

If you are not, then someone else answering your business phone and not giving the professional edge to the conversation will not be giving customers the right impression.

#3 Work/life balance

When you work for yourself, getting the work/life balance is hard. We live in a constantly connected world, where switching off or getting away from work can be really quite difficult.

How would you feel on answering the phone at 9pm to find it’s a customer with an enquiry? It’s not much fun but with a business landline, you can physically switch the phone off therefore, no annoying calls at all times of day and night.

#4 A business landline for small companies can save them too!

It may be that the installation of a business landline could be tax deductible. With a mix business and domestic line, this can be a lot harder to calculate.

Interested? We thought you would be. Call Clyde Solutions to find out more.

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