Getting the Right Mobile Phone Solutions for Business

26 September 2016

We all know the power of a smart phone, the current generation of mobile phones. From apps to instant connectivity with the Internet, we do so much more with a mobile phone these days than just make phone calls.

When it comes to mobile phone solutions for business we make two mistakes:

I. we either think that we will use a business mobile as we do our own personal one

II. or, we lean too far the other way and opt for the simplest, cheapest package we can find, only to find that actually, we do need the business mobile to do something more.

If you are unsure as to whether your business needs mobile phone solutions at all, read on to find out what the benefit are of getting the right package for your business…

#1 Improve customers service

There was once a saying that the customer was always right. In modern commerce, however, the saying is somewhat different, the customer is king. Without your customers, no matter who they are, your business cannot function. It won’t make a profit and it won’t grow.

Offering superior customers service every time is key to attracting customers and these customers coming back time and again. Customer service is about going the extra mile, exceeding people’s expectations.

Mobile phone solutions for business can be part of the excellent customer service that you offer.

#2 Improved contact between employee and the business base, customers and suppliers

From sending a quick text to update the office on their whereabouts, to phoning a customer back with the answer to their quick query, to being available for suppliers to talk to.

It is also an important part of employee safety, especially where you have lone workers away from the main business site.

#3 Increased mobility

No need to be stuck behind your desk all day, waiting for the phone ring because you could divert your business landline to call your mobile. There is no doubt that a mobile phone, for personal and work reasons, improves mobility and connectivity.

#4 Flexible working

There is increased pressure on employers to offer flexible working patterns to employees, especially those who have childcare or other caring duties.

Not many employees however, want business calls diverted to their home number and again, mobile phone solutions for business can offer impressive packages whereby a mobile can act as a business phone – and even better, they can switch it off at the end of the day!

In summary

Mobile phone technology has evolved in recent years and the use of data to connect to the internet, along with apps and the use of computing technology has meant that the mobile phone is a pocket sized PC. How will your business benefit from mobile phone solutions?

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