How Mobile Phones Have Transformed Businesses

24 October 2016

Can you imagine living without your mobile phone? Separation from your mobile, tablet or even laptop for longer than a few minutes can feel like a lifetime. When using a mobile for business, it can be much the same way – it is now a piece of technology on which businesses completely rely.

Mobile phones have transformed business in so many ways;

#1 Streamlined communications

The one thing mobile phones have done right from the moment they became affordable and accessible to the masses is the ability to send and receive messages and calls spontaneously, from anywhere and to anywhere.

Prior to this, the main form of immediate communication was using a landline but if you were away from your work base it either meant using a public phone box or asking to borrowing the phone belonging to a customer.

Mobile phones have also broadened communication. No longer does it voice-only calls, but texts, email on the move, cloud services and other platforms. Communication within a business is instantaneous and consistent with mobile phone technology.

#2 More possibilities

Mobile phone for any business signal the freedom to do more things, in many places. Providing you have a signal – and most places in the UK do have a signal although some remote areas still suffer from signal black out – you can access a range of media and documentation straight from your smart phone.

The growing popularity of file sharing and cloud services means that your employees, no matter where they are, can access important information and data vis their smart phones. This makes your business responsive.

#3 Improved organisation and safety

For many businesses, ensuring safety of staff away from the work base is a growing concern. Maintaining contact is at the forefront of keeping people safe.

Mobile phone technology provides an opportunity for improving safety and contact, but also organisation too. With app technology, applied throughout the company, employees can update calendars, information regarding appointments and their locations and time etc., as well as feeding back instantly from a meeting etc.

#4 Improved networking

Staying in touch with clients and stakeholders is important for many businesses. With this in mind, the smart phone can be utilised by a business for its staff and customers to stay in touch, to make contact with new clients and to network too.

#5 Accessible technology

With some technological advances, they may on paper sound like a great investment for a business. But integrating them into every day work can be tiresome and complex.

Smart mobile phone technology is one that most people readily understand. Thus, integrating new phones is done quickly and easily, making access to apps, cloud services and messaging services even easier.

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