5 Benefits of Using an External IT Company

24 October 2016

Information technology (IT) is an integral part of any business. From maintaining a presence of social media, to your website, purchases and sales systems, warehouse inventory and anything else you can think of, is now part and parcel of your IT system.

There comes a time when you need expert help to expand your system, ensure that it is as secure as possible against hackers and other threats – it may be that you feel you and your team have done as much as you can. The time has come to either employ your own resident IT expert or outsource to an external IT company.

But what are the benefits of outsourcing IT support?

#1 Benefit from state of the art technology

IT never stands still. Just as you invest in the latest technological gizmo, another product is released that replaces it. For a small to medium size enterprise, keeping up with technological innovations can be problematic. Not only is expert ‘manpower’ lacking, so are the funds.

Outsourcing is the ideal solution because it means your business stays on top of new tech and your systems are up to date. In other words, you can take advantage of cutting edge IT.

#2 Lower costs

In terms of financial cost, by using an external IT company your business benefits by saving money on both employee time fixing small niggles and on equipment costs too. The cost of purchasing computers, servers, telecommunications and the like add up to a hefty bill but there are ongoing maintenance costs too.

Frankly, it can be a drain on your budget and so by outsourcing to an external IT company, the monthly or annual payment is nothing compared to what you would be spending if you were going it alone.

#3 Top talent

There can be disparity between the level of knowledge, qualifications and creativity between IT workers. External IT companies employ only the best technicians and engineers with a proven track record. For the salary level smaller and medium businesses would be offering an IT expert, the skills may be lacking somewhat.

Frankly, by outsourcing to an external IT company, you benefit from the skills of top IT talent.

#4 Improved security

ANY business is in danger of being hacked, from large global telecommunication firms to sole traders. The risk cannot be under estimated. Having a secure online system is not about protecting everything with one password.

An external IT company can perform vulnerability assessments, set access controls, install physical security if necessary and generally ensure that your system is secure as it possibly can be. And don’t forget, the dangers change on an almost daily basis and so with an external IT company on side, your security can match this hazard.

#5 Saves time

There are times when your IT systems will suck money and time, two things that you can ill-afford to waste as you build your business. Outsourcing your IT to an external company means you can spend more time on the things that matter – doing business – whilst your IT is safe and secure in expert hands.

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