How to get on with your IT team

02 May 2016

If you’ve already spent a large proportion of your IT budget on projects to enable more flexible working practices it’s understandable that you might be reluctant to make any further changes to your infrastructure right away. However, with advances in IP based voice technology, making the move from ISDN to a VoIP phone system could end up actually saving you money on your current  spend. What’s more it could also improve productivity throughout the business, making for a happier workforce as a result.

 By making the move from a traditional phone system to a new VoIP system your business becomes futureproof.  An office comms move is becomes as simple as plugging a broadband router!

A VoIP system gives added functionality allowing staff can work anywhere with same telephone numbers and features as if there were sat at their desk in the office by making the switch your colleagues will thank you as VoIP supports flexible working and has many benefits such as call recording and easily modified call routing.

 The best thing is that VoIP is so easy to use that takes the burden away from the IT team, administrators able to manage and configure the system via an easy-to-use web portal – meaning changes can be made according to different department’s needs. Even better, employees can manage calls easily and effectively themselves setting up call twinning, diverts and log in using your unique profile on other devices when hot-desking.


Whilst a VoIP phone system won’t guarantee that you’ll become the most popular person in the office overnight,  (Pizza or cake does that) it will certainly go a long way towards reducing the moans and grumbles directed towards IT from unhappy employees and it also saves your business money!


If you’d like to make friends with your IT team and save your business money contact us for a quick VoIP quote.


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