Young People in Business

27 June 2016

At one time, when a business was looking to hire someone new for a role, they started with experienced staff and only considered younger people if they couldn’t find someone with the right experience.  However, many companies today view young people in business in a very different light and here’s why.

For starters, these young people have grown up with technology that to the previous generation was something new, to be learned as they progressed.  And for some, they never completely master various elements of the tech world.  When considering young people for your business, you get instant familiarity with everything from social media to the latest in communications tech.

While experience is always important, consider that employing young people provides the business with a blank canvas on which to print their own working practises.  When someone comes from another similar business, they have a way to work that has been learned elsewhere and re-educating them can be more time consuming than learning someone from scratch.

A different view of their working life is another unique element that young people bring to the job.  They have grown up with a difficult employment situation that means getting a job is no sure thing.  This makes for a different attitude to their job but also they have a keen understanding of the importance of a good work life balance, meaning they can avoid the stress and health issues that come from overworking.

If you are trying to bring in new technology or working practises to your business, then young people are often the first to embrace these changes.  Whether this means working remotely from home so less office space is needed or changing to a flexible working approach, the young employee will embrace the change and often flourish with it.

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