Telecom Solutions in 2017

30 December 2016

As 2016 closes, it has been an important year for the networking industry, ushering in new and exciting technologies. Can we expect 2017 to hold more of the same with new, innovative and transformational telecom solutions?

We think so, with the data-demand landscape continuing to change, from both a physical and virtual perspective.

Fads, trends and crazes

Remember the Pokémon GO craze, where the augmented reality game got people out of their houses and on to the streets, hunting down unseen gaming figures lurking around every corner? This is a craze that up until recently, would not have been possible.

But it’s not just augmented reality that has swept us off our feet in 2016. Online security has been an issue for private individuals and businesses. Predictions are that security will play an increasing role in 2017. And we think there are other things that will change too.

1.    Over-the-top (OTT) Service

We think that that the coming year will be another pivotal one for over-the-top (OTT) service growth. This will be fuelled by consumer demand and expectation that streaming video and so on will be at their fingertips.

But this is a double-edged sword. For those telecom companies ready for a year of advancing and ever more sophisticated OTT services, this promises to be a fantastic year but, this revolution will place networks and network providers under increasing pressure.

2.    5G

The race for 5G is on and will continue at a lightning fast-pace in the coming year. 2017 could see the first wave of commercial 5G ventures, especially as telecom companies around the globe have in the place the architecture and ability to make 5G a reality for them and their consumers.

Across the telecom industry, there are expectations that 1GB will move to 10GB, and 10GB to 100GB to cope with the increase in the 4G network, as well as laying the ground work for 5G networks too.

3.    Online Security

There seemed that hardly more than a few days passed in 2016 without some kind of online security breach being reported, whether that was a major telecoms provider in the UK and beyond, or celebrities having their phones and personal data hacked and leaked.

Security will continue to be the major telecom solution issues in 2017, with a more holistic and increasingly sophisticated approach to protecting data. We also think that there will be some interesting changes to the landscape of data security in the coming year.

We can, of course, help you now with your network, security, hardware, software and telecom solutions for 2017 that will make you a reliable, cutting edge company in a crowded market place. Why not contact us now to find out more?

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