Does the Way a Company Answers the Phone Have an Effect on Business?

30 December 2016

7 seconds.

Count them. That is all you the time you have to create a good impression. And this is from the moment someone walks into your business and answering the phone too.

A poor impression costs money so brush up on your business phone etiquette with these seven sure fire steps to winning – and keeping – customers;

Step 1 – Attitude says it all

You’ve not slept much and you are in a little bit of a grump. Your attitude will show if you answer the phone in anything less than a positive, business mindset. Every call is important.

Step 2 – You don’t have a consistent greeting

Customer expectations are set the moment you answer the phone, thus a slovenly ‘Morning, So and So Business’ is nowhere near as good as a standardised greeting. Create a standardised greeting that everyone uses.

Step 3 – Focus on the call

You have a ton of emails that need sending, you are also making tea whilst the handset is perched on your shoulder, held in place by your chin. This is not good enough. You are distracted and the customer knows it. Focus on each and every call.

Step 4 – Build rapport

And you start to do this by acknowledging the demeanour of your customer. If they are full of joys of spring, join in but, if they are ringing with a complaint, make sure you take this seriously and talk to them in a suitable, appropriate way. Speak to people on their level, matching their emotional state.

Step 5 – Keep it professional

The charm of your business is that you are warm, friendly and inspire customer loyalty. But your customers are not ‘your mates’. Banter is great but it needs to be kept on a professional footing. Being overly friendly and chummy is not doing you any favours. Give the call your attention and be professional throughout.

Step 6 – Train people

It is such a common task, answering the phone but this is your business. You wouldn’t throw a sales rep out there with your customers untrained and unversed in how you like things doing etc. As well as a standardised greeting, train people the right way to pass calls on, take messages and so on. Every staff member should have training and/or guidance on answering business calls, on the office landline and via mobiles too, if necessary.

Step 7 – Monitor

What do your customers think when they phone you? How can your telephone answering service be improved? Does the options menu for departments confuse them?

Your business calls are important. Don’t leave answering the phone in the right way to chance.

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