4 IT Solutions in 2017 That We Predict Will Be Big News

30 December 2016

As we wave goodbye to 2016, we look to 2017 with a keen eye on the development of IT solutions useful for small, medium and big business, as well as for the many start-ups that will spring to life in the coming year.

And here are out predictions for four IT solution in 2017 that will make it big or bigger than what they currently are …

#1 Fully integrated payment options

We predict that paying with everything from cash to card, to ‘money on your phone’, to contactless payments, payments online via cloud solutions and so on will become even bigger news in 2017.

Better still, with technology on the horizon that will make it easier and more secure, for many businesses this will mean decreasing the amount they spend on processing and accessing these payments too.

Pay securely by waving your phone at a terminal and, for you as a business, think instant access to the money and improved cash flow.

#2 Security will be BIGGER

The consumer is becoming increasingly tech-savvy and this means not only willing to try and use more hardware, software and online tools, but taking their security more seriously too.

Although consumers have the message about passwords and the like, they are not as willing to pass on details to companies any more. Online security and breaches/hacks will no longer be tolerated by consumers. As a company, you need to taking firm steps to prevent this happening as far as possible.

For all businesses, staying on top of online security and providing reassurance to customers will be essential in 2017.

#3 Automatic Updates

We think one of the best IT solutions in 2017 will be the automatic updates from trusted sources of software and the like.

Gone are the days when programs had to ask permission for every little change, with updates to improve systems scheduled for when the system is at ‘resting’, like at night time and outside of core hours.

Microsoft have already started this field, with a simple notification that a PC needs to re-start but we think this will change for subscribers to certain programs in the coming year. Users will still have a choice but how great would it be to get to your desk to find new features on programs?

#4 Cloud-based solutions will be embedded further

Some businesses have been slow to adapt to cloud-based solutions but in 2017, it will become the IT solution for every business, from sole traders to large corporations. Easy to access and affordable, companies would do well to buy-as-they-go when it comes to cloud-based archiving and storage solutions.

What other IT solutions in 2017 can you see?

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