We don't sell phone systems, we sell a better working environment

23 February 2015

A phone system is essentially just a plastic box on a desk with some wires, is what the phone system does that counts and if your provider has really listened to why you need a phone system and the challenges that your business, you and your employees face on a daily basis then a phone system can have an considerable effect on your working and even your personal life.


At Clyde Solutions, we don’t just sell business telephone systems we sell better working environments, better communications, increased options for flexible working and a money saving tool.


How? Well a traditional phone system or a VoIP system has the ability to screen calls with auto attendant to make sure that they go through to the right department, meaning that you only get calls that are relevant to you.  Also you can communicate with your customers better via auto attendant and on hold messages. It’s a good way to let them know about information such as opening hours, products and services and to direct customers to your website.


Also a system can allow calls to be routed to your mobile or you access your desk phone via an online portal so that you can be working from home, the car, the beach wherever you can access the internet.  Having these options undoubtedly leads to a happier workforce as recent research proves people would rather have a flexible hours than a pay rise!


Lastly, how can a new phone system save your business money? We saved Scottish Arts Council £3,000 on maintenance services as all our telephone system come with 1st year maintenance free. We have also found that many companies have been paying too much for systems on out of date lease agreements for systems that are 5 years old or more!


If VoIP is right for you and your business then you’ll benefit from a FREE telephone system (yes you did read that correctly) and as you pay a set per user, per month fee that includes all your calls to UK local and national numbers and your line rental.


So if you’d like better communication, a flexible working environment and to save your business money then please do not hesitate to give us a call.

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