Would fast, reliable broadband improve your business?

11 May 2015

The reliability of a business’s internet connectivity plays a pivotal role in the productivity and efficiency of it's communications between it's colleagues and customers.

Email has changed the way businesses communicate. E-commerce is transforming how businesses sell their products and services. And, most recently, SMEs are turning to the cloud for data storage, business software (accounts packages, CRM software) and telephony services (IP telephony).

Far too often is broadband purchased on price alone, for a business failing to recognise the true value of a robust data connection can be a costly mistake.

We offer the full spectrum of ADSL broadband and Ethernet services that include: superfast Fibre Broadband (FTTC); Converged ADSL Broadband; Business 2+ ADSL, EFM, Leased Lines and Assured IP Services, which are dedicated to voice (VoIP). Our Broadband Product range is available to more than 99% of UK Businesses.

We specialise in providing high performance, internet access solutions for organisations across the UK. Our business grade networks are optimised for commercial users, enabling them to take advantage of data, cloud computing, WAN connections, SIP Trunks, Hosted VoIP and video conferencing.

  • Data Partitioning - Multiple services can be effectively delivered down a single connection, meaning you can converge data, voice, video, applications and software, over one managed connection thus saving money
  • Flexible Bandwidth Management – By running our managed service and deploying the correct routing equipment and private business network, we are able view, control and manage your internet traffic, allowing us to keep your business connected.
  • Variable Bandwidth – additional bandwidth can be added for a period of time to cope seasonal usage peaks
  • Assured Connectivity -   A specialist broadband product, designed with VoIP at the core of the offering, voice traffic is segregated and prioritised over the network - meaning crystal clear calls every time.

I have prepared a proper summary of the options available for your consideration, when connecting your business to the internet. I have explored the differences between Broadband and Ethernet and give you some food for thought to consider why buying a cheap package could prove to be a false economy.

Get in touch and I am happy to offer advice and share my  findings and experience when in comes to fast, reliable and cost effective business connectivity solutions.

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