Switching Business Broadband is now even simpler

29 May 2015

Usually if your business wanted to change its broadband provider you would have to contact your provider and get a MAC Code, this could be a deterrent to change for some businesses, so they could avoid the hassle of phoning customer services and waiting in a queue for 60 mins. 

The new process announced by Ofcom will be a lot less onerous on the end user as the process will now be led my the gaining provider. 

This a brief summary of the new process:

  • Broadband migrations will be implemented using the Gaining Provider Led (GPL) process from 20/06/2015, bringing an end to the Migration Access Code (MAC) process.
  • The GPL process is similar to that used for CPS (Calls) and WLR (Lines).
  • A gaining provider who wants to migrate a broadband service can place a new order to migrate the broadband service(s) on behalf of their new customer
  • The migration request will be known as a “Notification of Transfer” (NoT).
  • Once a NoT has been raised, the existing provider will be notified and they in turn will notify any Service Partners within 2 days
  • The new migration process will take ten days, instead of the current five days – this is to allow enough time for the end user to confirm their decision with the losing provider or to change their mind.
  • At present no retention activity is allowed by the Losing Provider – which is the guidance from Ofcom

Ofcom have preliminarily stated this process will come in to place on the 20th June 2015, however the process is still being reviewed and worked on by the industry.

As we move closer to towards this data and more information is released by Ofcom, I will of course update you.

In the meantime if you do require any assistance with business broadband then feel free to get in touch. 


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