Phone Systems: Know your "onions"

19 June 2015

I speak to business people everyday about their Phone Systems (both PBX and Hosted Phone Systems) and I often get blank expressions looking back at me when I mention some of the features and functionality that are available.

So I thought I would write this short post, to explain what some of these features are, so that the next time you are reviewing your services you might opt for one or two of these solutions and reap the business benefits for yourself.   

  • CTI - computer telephony integration, integrating your commonly used IT applications, like email and CRM.
  • IVR / Auto Attendant - deciding how best to answer and distribute calls within your business - quickly and efficiently 
  • Voice Recording & Call Logging - understanding how and which calls you want to be recorded and monitored
  • Twinning - being able to twin your mobile phone and desk-phone together to improve communications and flexibility 
  • DECT - also known as cordless handsets, understanding the options and functionality for DECT can provide many advantages for your business
  • Conferencing - Integrated video and audio conferencing can reduce your travelling and improve collaboration and efficiencies 
  • Teleworking/ Remote Working - where you can deliver more flexibility to staff and how they communicate and collaborate with colleagues and customers
  • Reducing your fixed line estate - streamlining services like Analogue & Digital Lines and utilising and IP technologies
  • DR (Disaster Recovery) - What if? would your business be able to communicate if you had a phone systems outage, power cut or worse

I am trusted by my clients to advise on telecoms and technology, offering solution lead sales, with in-depth knowledge and experience of integrated Telephony, Connectivity and Mobile solutions that transform business operations, driving productivity, efficiency and collaborative working. Resulting in bottom line cost savings.

send me a message if I can offer any assistance.

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