Top 5 Best Apps for Business

28 March 2014

At Clyde Solutions we understand how busy your day must be, wouldn’t it be great to make the most out of your smartphone so you can do more on the move than at your desk? Here’s our top 5 best apps for business.


  1. Adobe Photoshop Express- great for cropping and editing photos on your phone before sending them to a client. Ideal for estate agents, surveyors, insurers etc
  2. Google Maps- great for pedestrian directions, car navigation, and local transit instructions worldwide. With beautiful satellite data and Street Views thrown in, Google Maps offers an excellent navigational experience
  3. Calc Lite- There’s nothing wrong with your built in calculator but if your job requires technical calculations it may be more convenient for you to use Calc Lite
  4. IM+- A one stop shop for all your IM chats, a time saving solutions for mobile workers or field staff
  5. Flickr- another great app if you line of work requires you to take a lot of pictures, Flickr actually gives you storage along with automatic upload.


For more information about how having the right Business mobile and the right apps can transform your business, please contact us.

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