Three things you never thought to consider when choosing a new smartphone

30 May 2014

Battery Life

One of the biggest shocks to new Smartphones users is the battery life on their new devices. The average Smartphone battery charge is probably around 8 hours, you’ll get about a day’s use out of it. Now there is a TON of settings on these phones that can be adjusted in order to maximise the battery life,  Smartphones can be pretty powerful tools and the more you use them the more they use their batteries, And if you’re a busy business user you need to consider how much you use your phone and if you have necessary battery packs or spare chargers to ensure you always stay connected.

Does the camera do what I need it to?

Depending on what you require your camera function for most, make sure you test it out. If you’re a surveyor that  takes photos of structural damage in the depths of a building or a tree surgeon taking pictures of your handiwork skills, ensure the smartphone camera does what you need it too. Also you need to consider where the pictures are stored after they have been taken, does the smartphone have adequate memory or does it require an SD card. Then you have to ensure your pictures save to the SD card or are backed up online so they can be recovered in the event your smartphone is lost or damaged.

Don’t jump in

Take your time when you buy your phone. Just because a phone was just released does NOT mean it’s the best phone available on the market. Many times a phone will get released and the first users are Guinea pigs to work out any possible bugs etc. Many phones have  manufacturing defects on the first batch of devices. After so many calls with people having the same issue the manufacturer will either release an update for the phones software or if it’s a hardware issue then the manufacturer will just keep it hush as they start putting better pieces on the device and when someone calls in complaining about the issue they just replace it. So take your time and don’t rush.

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