Top 5 free antivirus apps for Android

23 May 2014

  1. Mobile Security Antivirus- This app has full page ads but has some nice features such as anti-theft and privacy controls, battery sensor features and daily updates
  2. Hornet Antivirus is a truly free app with standard features like scanning apps for malware and scanning storage for threats, a good option for business users.
  3. Zoner Antivirus – Zoner has a larger set of features than the other free apps on the list. Zoner has a really sleek interface and an inbuilt task manager perfect for busy business people
  4. Antivirus Security AVG – Boasting over 70 million users across the globe, AVG  covers all the antivirus protection laws and includes a battery monitor to help users manage battery life
  5. Antivirus & Mobile Security- The highest rated free app on the list has won awards for ID protection and security. Aside from standard features, you get other such as data backups and anti-theft. The anti-theft feature snaps a photo of a thief if they enter the password wrong 3 times, it then emails you the pictures to your registered email address.


All apps are available to buy at Google Play.

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