How can I stop using so much data?

28 October 2014



  1. Monitor usage- Consider using an app to monitor and track your data Onavo Extend, which is available on both Android and iOS, is a free app that offers detailed monthly usage reports and data plan analysis, information that can help you determine whether you’re using all of the data that you’re paying for each month. Onavo Extend also “extends” your data plan by compressing your incoming and outgoing data so that you use less data overall
  2. Keep certain apps off mobile data - YouTube, Spotify, Radio apps, Netflix, Sky Go, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram we are looking at you! Not only are these apps not business critical they are data hungry and can use your monthly allowance (1 or 2GB) in an hour!  This leads to nasty bills at the end of month.
  3. Use Wi-Fi wherever possible- only browse or download when using your phone’s Wi-Fi connection. Users are not billed for data downloaded over Wi-Fi, so make use of Wi-Fi hotspots and free Wi-Fi wherever you can.
  4.  Turn off background app refresh- iOS and Android allow apps to use your cellular connection to pull in data while in the background. For example, an email app can fetch new messages, a photo app could upload or download the latest pictures you’ve taken, and so on. Remember your apps are constantly connecting to the network in the background and sucking the data from your allowance, your phone doesn’t have to be doing this every second, even changing this to every 15mins can save data.
  5.  Limit Automatic app updates - Both iOS and Android can automatically download and install app updates for you. Yay. If you’re on a tight data cap, though, you’ll want to make sure that those updates only get downloaded while you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

You can make a 2GB data plan work, you have to sacrifice some convenience to do so but it can be done. The golden rule is to do as much as possible over Wi-Fi don’t be shy to ask for the password wherever possible.

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