11 June 2014

From 13th June 2014 you will need to have replaced many of your 084 and 087 (and where applicable 09) numbers alternatives in order to remain compliant with new laws.

In October 2011 the EU passed The Consumer Rights Directive (CRD) with the aim of simplifying consumer rights in certain important areas. It became UK law in December 2013 and is enforced in the UK from 13th June 2014.

As a result of this, UK businesses cannot incur their existing customers (consumers only, it does not apply to businesses) costs beyond a standard basic rate call to contact them. There are some exceptions but essentially consumers calling them for support, service or billing must be able to do so without paying more than a standard rate call. This change is mandatory from Friday June 13th 2014.


The government has published guidance on these regulations which clearly explains what is allowed and what isn’t.

In short the guidance says that these types of numbers ARE allowed

  • Geographic rate numbers- which means any number that starts with 01, 02 or 03
  • A number which is free to call from all fixed and mobile telephone services, which will be 0800 or 0808 when the changes Ofcom has planned are implemented.
  • A mobile telephone number, which is prefixed 07

The guidance also sets out those which ARE NOT allowed:

  • Premium Rate Service ranges which are numbers prefixed with 0871, 0872, 0873 and 09
  • Other numbers that also convey a service charge – but which aren’t Premium Rate Services and these are prefixed 0843, 0844 and 0845
  • Numbers which start with 0870


The regulations don’t apply to all types of company with the following being exempt:

  • Financial services, including Banks and Insurance
  • Gambling
  • Travel Agents (Package Holidays and Timeshare)

For more information about how these changes can affect your B2C business please do not hesitate to contact us.

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