You would fix a leaking tap...

09 October 2013

Drip, drop, drip ...

We have all been there, that annoying dripping, leaky, tap in the kitchen or bathroom. You may leave it days, weeks or months before fixing it but you do get round to it either because the sound irritates you, because you have guests coming over or just because it’s really annoying!

Did you know that you could be leaking something more costly than water? You could be wasting something expensive but you’re not even aware of it, something you complain about the speed of unaware that it could be due to your poor setup...

Yes it's your BROADBAND!

It's estimated that in UK areas such as Glasgow, Aberdeen and Edinburgh, users leak so much broadband that it could power the BBC iplayer for 59 years continuously!

The most common problem diagnosed by engineers was speed lost through poor wiring, followed by the need to set up or reconfigure the internet router.

Do you suffer from slow speeds in your office? Is your business held back by insufficient bandwidth?

We could provide a FREE site survey to ensure your business is the getting speed it needs!

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