How to save £'s and be eco friendly

08 November 2013

Sim Card ImageYou don't change your laptop, PC or tablet every year so why change your mobile?

New handsets can be expensive and many of us have just got round to how the latest iPhone or android works when a new version is released.  

Why not keep the handset that you are comfortable with and save £'s with a SIM only tariff?

If you are a self confessed technophile, having the same phone for more than a year or two may be unthinkable, however you may wish to consider that 2 year contracts can cost more in the long run and it may be much more cost effective to purchase your handset up front and go for a SIM only option with Clyde Solutions.

This means you a can refresh your phone as much as you like and recycle the handsets you don't want.

SIM-only deal could be a good idea for you if:
  •     you want to reduce your monthly bills 
  •     you already have a phone you're happy to keep 
  •     you don't want to be tied into a long contract
  •    or you are willing to purchase phone upfront

Not only are SIM only contracts more cost effective and you are able to cancel with just 30 days notice, they are more eco friendly.

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