Are you a Smartphone addict?

16 December 2013

Are you more than just dependent on your mobile phone? Does the thought of leaving your phone at home bring you out in a cold sweat? You could be suffering from Smartphone addiction.

Do you:

  1. Take selfies rather than use a mirror?
  2. Panic if you have 2 bars of signal or less?
  3. Use your phone at the dinner table?
  4. Continuously text or send emails when driving?
  5. Text, email or use social media to speak with others when they are in the same room?

If you've answered YES to 3 or more of these questions you are a SMARTPHONE ADDICT!

Fear not you are not alone, in a survey by LG Electronics 77% of respondents admitted to using their phones in bed, 58% admitted to using during quality time with family and 55% whilst on a date!

The cure is to manage your mobile and not have it manage you! if you're on holiday or going to the cinema LEAVE YOUR PHONE AT HOME!

If you require your phone for work, have designated checking times 09:00, 12:30, and 16:00. Allow messages/phone calls to build up and devote time to answer them.

Say so long  to the crackberry and bye to the iphone checking every 5 mins. it may even benefit you’re working and personal relationships as you'll be forced to have face to face interactions with people.


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