19 August 2013

Recently I got something I’ve always wanted, something I’ve dreamed of since I started working aged 16. Something not everybody who works is lucky enough to get, but if you have one it makes your life so much easier.

It’s not a car or a company mobile. It’s a staff uniform!

As an office based sales and marketing executive for a Telecoms and IT company in Glasgow, I’m used to wearing business dress to work every day. Yes I benefitted from a dress down day on a Friday but I was jealous of the IT support guys and Telecoms engineers with their branded Clyde Solutions polo shirts. The Clyde Solutions branded clothing is unique to us and is instantly recognisable to our customers and competitors. I wear mine on my walk through Glasgow city centre every day to work, so it also a good method of brand awareness and free advertising.

I think even paired with jeans the polo’s look smart and it’s good to let people know what company you work for and who you are especially when visiting customers’ sites or even just answering the door to couriers delivering high value products to our Glasgow HQ for our customers’, for example telephone systems or EPOS machines which are worth thousands. Couriers need to know they’ve delivered the goods and got a signature from someone from the correct company and it’s proven that people tend to trust uniformed workers more.

In the few weeks I’ve had i definitely feel more productive and ready to work when I pull on my branded polo. I’ve found myself thinking of email marketing and blog content as soon as I start wearing it and when heading to work I’ve definitely got my new business head on, making a mental note of business names as their company vans whizz by me or as I see other lucky uniform clad people making their way to work.

Whilst I love my polo's and my job, i do have my limits!  I have heard of some digital marketing agencies and recruitment companies were staff have had their companies QR code tattooed on them so that when talking about work, they can ask people to "scan" them! I think that takes branding and employee loyalty to the extreme.

What do you think? I’d love to know your feedback. Do you feel stifled by your regulatory dress code? Would you go as far having your work's QR code tattooed?

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