Common Customer Dilemmas

Common Customer Dilemmas

At Clyde Solutions we like to solve problems. Its all the in the name, we like to think we have the solution to our customer's needs.

Here's a few of our most common customer dilemmas and how we have helped.

Dilemma One

As a finance manager I'm in charge of the company mobile contracts, I want to get the best value for money for the business.

Our Solution

We offer a range of business mobile options, we can assess your usage and devise the right data plan for your employees. 

We also offer finance options for handsets.

Dilemma two

As a office manager I want to know how long it takes calls to be answered and what my staff are really doing when speaking to customers on the phone.

Our Solution

Call Reporting and recording software from Clyde Solutions allows you to monitor and record calls. In addition to this it has the ability to integrate with your existing CRM/database to lionk to your customer info for easy playback. It's also FCA and PCI DSS compliant. Introducing call recording quickly resolves customer disputes, allows for better staff development and demonstrates compliance.

Dilemma Three

As a sales person with two kids, I'd love to have the ability to work from home but our MD will only agree to this if i can have the same functionality as if i was at my office desk  can this be done?

Our Solution

This can absolutely be done!  with Clyde Solutions telecoms and IT expertise you can answer your desk phon with your iPad or iPhone anywhere you can get WiFi/3G/4G connection. We can set you up with a VPN at home so you have secure access to all your company classified data.

If you have a telecoms, mobile or IT related dilemma chances are we can help. Email or call us with your dilemma or call 0141 353 4350