FAQ's - Frequently asked questions

FAQ's - Frequently asked questions

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This page contains answers to questions Clyde Solutions customers usually ask. If the answer to your question is not here, the please email:

In addition, check out our - Common Customer Dilemmas.

Yes. Your number will stay exactly the same.

If you transfer to Clyde Solutions you won't even lose one single second of service. It is a completely seamless transfer. The only thing that will change is the cost of your bills.

Firstly, make sure that you have tested the line using a handset which you know works, plugged into the master socket. Any other equipment should be removed from the socket first. If you are still experiencing problems, simply call our Faults Team on 0141 353 4350 to report your fault. One of our team will perform remote diagnostics tests and, if necessary, will instruct an Openreach engineer to fix the fault. We also offer Out Of Hours support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you're never on your own.

No. Clyde Solutions will invoice you monthly for all your calls, lines and any additional services. One bill, one point of contact for all of your telephony needs.

Simply: No! You just pick up the phone and dial as normal. Your calls will still be carried in exactly the same way through the same lines and exchanges as before so you can be assured of the same high quality calls and services.

Clyde Solutions will arrange the installation of any new lines. All you need to do is call our Team or email us at to make your request. Openreach engineers will carry out the work on our behalf.

If you are relocating to new premises, all you need to do is contact our Customer Services Team either by emailing as soon as possible to let us know your new address. Clyde Solutions can install lines in your new premises if necessary, or turn on any ceased lines already in the building. Simply let us know what you require via email and we will do the rest.